Client Testimonials

I strive to do my best in facilitating wellness for my horse. Chris was recommended to me by a respected friend and I love the way my horses feet look. I especially like her wholistic thinking and the way she interacts with my horse Toga. I always look forward to our appointments and discussing our common horse related interests.

Michelle M.

Southbury, CT

My horse was intermittently lame on both front feet. I was told he most likely has navicular syndrome.We tried everything.He couldn't hold shoes or tolerate going without.. I am so thankful we found Chris . He is sound and happy.His hoof structures are much improved.He wears perfect hoofwear and has balanced trims with Chris.She has done wonders for my Horse! Her knowledge and professionalism saved my horse for sure.

Cindy M.

Wethersfield, CT

My horses soundness issues seemed never ending. Chris was recommended and with her knowledge and commitment my horse has never felt better!

Helen S.

Red Hook, NY

Chris is knowledgeable, caring to both horse and owner and highly professional. My horse Casey and I feel lucky to be in her care.

Fran N.

Central Islip, NY

I have been using Chris for approximately 8 months now and my mare that was unsound in shoes is getting to the point where she is sound again and I will be able to ride her soon! If it wasn't for Chris I think I might of had to retire my mare. Both my mare's feet look fantastic and they are happy barefoot!

Audrey F.


For years I have been rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned/neglected/abused horses, most of whom were deemed unsound or lame. With the help of AEP care through Chris I have successfully returned many of these horses to soundness and in doing so, given them a new lease on life. I am always impressed with how patient and kind she is to the horses. Chris examines each case on an individual basis and spends a lot of time asking questions and helping owners improve their horse's lives. Another thing I love about Chris is that she is always seeking to learn more about anything that can assist a horse's soundness and quality of life. Educating owners as she herself continues the journey of (previously considered) "alternative" therapies. Herbs, homeopathy, physical therapy, energy healing, 'natural horsemanship' training, as well as veterinarian-recommended therapies are all well within her scope and understanding. With Chris you won't have to feel boxed in to one solution, nor be ridiculed for suggesting a different method, solution, therapy, etc for your horse. Chris is always looking out for what is best for the horse and how she can assist in attaining better quality of life and soundness for each of her clients. I would- and I DO- recommend her and AEP trimming to anyone who has issues with their horse or asks how I have rehabilitated mine. -Christine Wright, Wright Rescue, Long Island, NY

Christine W.

Ridge, NY

I work with Chris in a number of capacities. She is very organized and great at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a healthy hoof and a healthy horse.

Scott L.

Colchester, CT