The Pegasus motion analysis system is utilized by veterinarians, equine universities, performance trainers, racetracks and owners and now it's available to you!

Using a sophisticated series of transducers and GPS (global positioning satellite), the Pegasus is fast, easy to use and provides immediate, detailed feedback on the action of each equine limb in any gait.

The Pegasus can be used in many ways;

In conjunction with your veterinarian to;

On your own to;

  • achieve higher performance in virtually any discipline,

  • determine which saddle to buy,

  • determine the affects of any bit or other tack,

  • understand the impact of the rider on your horse,

  • obtain a more comprehensive pre-purchase exam,

  • obtain baseline movement information for future comparison,

  • objectively see changes in your horse's movement way ahead of anything that can be seen by the naked eye.


Results are fast, accurate, detailed, repeatable, documentable and most of all, objective. The Pegasus is a very small investment with a very big payoff.