Join us on a journey to health! There is a reason they say 'you are what you eat' and it stands true for our horses too. Some experts even feel that most, if not all, of the problems we see in today's horses from training, to health, to spirit and attitude are the result of nutrition. I agree. I have seen first hand how many things change when you change the way you feed your horse. And feeding your horse doesn't have to be difficult! Here are my basic principals for feeding that lead to having the healthiest horse possible!

Does all of this sound complicated? It's not! Meet most of these principals in four easy steps...

  1. Feed a vitamin & mineral supplement that is cold processed and includes all chelated minerals,
  2. Top dress the vitamin & mineral supplement with DynaPro (the best prebiotic I've found),
  3. Give free choice hay,
  4. Offer free choice minerals 24/7 and trust your horse to know what he needs.  

Feed your horse a better, balanced, healthy diet that creates a gut environment that supports health. I use, recommend and distribute Dynamite because it's the best I've found! It's balanced, complete, easy to give and it's been tried 'n true over many, many years.  It will help get your horse healthier and happier.