At The Horse's Foot, the way we approach feet may be a complete turn around from what you are used to. We look at what's right! The development of strong, healthy, comfy feet is a journey, not an event and it is not always fast or easy. But the rewards are many and the ultimate payoff is a healthier, happier horse. Join us in this wonderful journey to health in the equine foot!

We have lots of tools in our health journey! One of the most important tools is the trim. In fact, the trim is the most important service we offer because the trim is the foundation for everything else. No matter what else you do to the foot, it sits on the trim. The Horse's Foot utilizes the High Performance Trim (HPT) Method. The Method creates balance from left to right, front to back, top to bottom and circumferentially around the bony axis of the foot, but also considers other factors affecting the foot including; diet, environment, use, schedule and stress.

From the mechanical trim perspective, two aspects command our attention; correct balance, which ensures that the forces applied during the stride are applied correctly and in ways that the horse's foot (and body) is capable of effectively handling and utilizing and, the actual shape of the hoof capsule. The hoof capsule is the natural horse shoe of the horse and its shape greatly affects every aspect of the horse; the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory and virtually every other system.

In addition to maintaining the hoof in the correct position to develop health, we've had amazing success in transitioning horse's feet out of metal shoes. Every horse is different and our understanding of how the equine foot works, combined with experience and expertise allow us to enjoy lots of success in this area!

Often, we are called when something has previously gone awry. Our complete, holistic, whole-horse approach to dis-ease and dis-comfort is often advantageous when more traditional approaches have failed.

In all of our work, whether on sound or unsound horses however, our most important tool is YOU! It's time to think differently, learn new information, consider unfamiliar ideas, visualize, feel and see your horse's feet beautiful! It's time to take responsibility, BE a part of what's right! Let's work together for a healthier foot and the betterment of your horse.