The Horse’s Foot offers energy/body/vibrational work for horses and dogs.

There is more to us (humans and animals) than meets the eye.  We all have a physical self that we can see and touch, and energy/vibrational selves that we cannot see but are, nonetheless, a very real part of who we are. These ‘other’ bodies reside outside of our physical walls (the etheric body), and also within our physical walls (the meridian system).  There is evidence to support that our energy and vibrational selves are just as important, if not more important, than our physical bodies in maintaining health. Some researchers have found that imbalances and blockages in our energy and vibrational systems actually precede physical manifestation of disease and if corrected in that state, can prevent it.

The Horse’s Foot uses several tools to identify and clear blockages in our etheric and meridian systems including; acupressure, Photonic red light therapy, kinesiology tape, massage, kinesiology (muscle testing), structural rebalancing, Reiki and the Dynamite feeding program.  

Animals are individuals and benefit from a unique approach to energy work but regardless of the exact program employed, the goal remains the same; the rebalancing and opening of energy and vibrational systems throughout the body. When clearing has occurred you might see; improved performance, a relaxed state of mind, reduced stress, ‘releases’ like yawning or licking and chewing, eyes closing, better and faster healing of wounds, reduction of physical manifestations of illness, an absence of illness/disease and the development and maintenance of wellness.  If your animal is undergoing conventional veterinary care for any acute or chronic condition, clearing and rebalancing meridian and etheric systems may allow veterinary care to work better and faster.