It's a Pleasure to Meet You!

Who We Are

The Horse's Foot is an allied health practice with the mission of helping horses live healthy and happy in domesticaton.

My name is Chris Huppe and I am the founder and primary practitioner. I believe that there are two primary systems that account for health and happiness in our horses; the feet and the hind gut and that these two systems are integrally related.  As horse owners and care givers, it is our responsibiiity to develop and maintain the health of these systems and my work is devoted to helping people do just that. 

I have a deep appreciation for both Eastern and Western medicine philosophies and understand both have application for today's horse. My approach to health and happiness is based on prevention, focused on developing health and intervening early when first signs of a potential problem presents. Developing and maintaining health through life is a far better approach than responding to imbalance and dis-ease. Each service offered is aimed at empowering owners with education, practices and tools to help them keep and care fore their horses in ways that will promote, develop and ultimately maintain, health.

My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, Master's degree in Business, current licensure as a Registered Nurse, Paramedic and instructor for the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry.  I attend, and host, many courses, clinics and continuing education, completing as many as 160 hours of horse-health education annually.

I am proud and humbled when you let me into your, and your horse's, life, and sincerely strive to bring value to both of your experiences.  

Why We Do What We Do

The Horse's Foot exists to help horses live happy, healthy lives in domestication.

Everything we do is based on developing health and we believe that this development is an ever evolving, on-going process. It is a journey, not an event, and it is anchored in wellness, not illness.

Healthy feet are absolutely required for the health and happiness of the horse and the health of the feet is affected by the direct care bestowed upon them, diet, and movement. With healthy feet you will see improved performance, a longer performance career, longer life, decreased cost, less anguish and a much happier animal. 

While working with you to develop health, we have strict adherence to the following core values;

  • Make every decision solely on what is best for the horse

  • Horses deserve every human's respect and kindness in every dealing, without exception.

  • Straight forward, honest, communication is always best.

  • Knowledge is endless and we will endlessly seek it.

  • Providing fair, if not excellent, value to you is our responsibility and our pleasure.

  • Live integrity in every dealing, everyday.